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Q. How much is it to rent a MargaritaGod frozen margarita machine and what does it include?
A. Daily rental rate is $130.00 this includes a MargaritaGod frozen margarita machine, delivery and pickup, a cart stand with skirting, mixing container.
Q. Do you have additional party items?
A. Yes we do we carry some pretty cool items; check out our Party Store page
Q. When do you deliver and pick-up the MargaritaGod frozen beverage machine?
A. We will contact you 2-3 days prior to your party to schedule a mutually convenient delivery window. In most instances the delivery will be made the day of the party within a set two hour period. Pick-up is usually the next day .
Q. What type of electric connection do I need?
A. A standard 15 amp dedicated circuit close to the frozen beverage machine location.
Q. How much MargaritaGod mix will I need and how much does it cost?
A. We will advise you on how much mix you will need at the time you place your order, we also have a chart on the packages page with our recommendations, the cost is $ 20.00 per half gallon of concentrated mix, each half gallon makes one batch of Sinfully Delicious MargaritaGod frozen beverages
Q. How many of these Sinfully Delicious frozen beverages will one batch make?
A. Depending on the mix type each batch will yield 50 to 75- 9 ounce frozen beverages
Q. How long does the first batch take to freeze?
A. Depending on the temperature 30 to 60 minutes.
Q. Are MargaritaGod frozen beverage machines easy to use?
A. Very! At delivery each step of the machine operation and refilling procedures are covered. Easy to follow instructions are always left with you for reference.
Q. Who provides the liquor and how much will I need?
A. You the customer provide all the liquor we will advise you on the type and amount you will need based upon your order.
Q. Do all MargaritaGod mixes require liquor?
A. No all of the MargaritaGod mixes can be made without liquor. Serve them as Slushies or Smoothies great for school events, fund raisers, birthday or graduation parties.
Q. What is a Margarita-Blastin-Daiquiri-Wackin-Beach-Blender?
A. This is a MargaritaGods gasoline powered blender. It’s great for the beach, boat, or tail-gate parties.
Q. How soon in advance do I need to reserve a MargaritaGod frozen beverage machine?
A. We recommend 2 weeks and longer for traditional holiday dates as these tend to book quickly




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