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Machine Instructions

Grindmaster 3311
The Industry’s Top Choice Frozen Drink Machine

The machine must be plugged into a 15amp dedicated circuit with nothing else plugged into it if an extension cord is needed use only the extension cord provided by MargaritaGod. Remove lid & pour mix into the top of the machine, The ON-OFF-CLEAN switch is located at the top left front of the machine (under the lighted MargaritaGod logo). Now turn the machine setting to the ON position (switch to the left), do this at least 1 hour prior to serving drinks, when the Mix Out light comes on start adding additional mix. If you want to serve a different flavor now would be the time to change flavors, just add the new flavor mix. You will know when you are getting close to the end of the mix it comes out in thick drops, to dispense remaining mix turn the machine setting to the CLEAN position (switch to the right) for a few minutes, at the end of the party just turn the machine setting to the OFF position (switch to the center) no cleaning required.





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